Lipstick must have

Nyx matte lip cream in the color Monte Carlo is my favorite going out color. Love this for a saturday night or for a wedding. It’s an absolutely MUST HAVE! and it’s super affordable.



Suddenly spa

I went to a spa retreat with my hubby and had my parents babysit the kids. I recommend all couples or just friends doing this once in a while whenever you need a break from reality. I felt that I needed to rekindle and revive the “us” my husband and I were before kids and we ended up missing them so much that we left early to go get them. Nonetheless, we spent a whole day in steam rooms and outdoor hot tubs and need the day with a 4 course meal…. And whine of course!

strawberry_cream_vanilla_dessert_foodporn strawberry_vanilla_cream_mint_dessert_food_foodporn

Look at this happy face

My ring light and canon dslr

Every girl needs this. I have only been playing around with this and haven’t completely mastered it yet.



Stylish Sunday

I love dressing my kids up. However, Evelyn is now that age where she chooses her own outfits or she flips. Luckily, she has the same taste as me!


My family – vacation time

We rented a little cottage with our friends who have two kids almost exactly the same age as ours. After 4 days with 4 kids, my husband and I are going on a well deserved date tonight.